ID chceck failer.. any help from support?

    • RadoslavKurjatko
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      I have passed the quiz and uploaded photo of my ID card. But as the result of my work, i got this message that unfortunatly there will be no 50 dollars. With no reason. I see no reason not to send me 50 bucks. Can anyone please tell me the reason why? Also i would like to correct something if i was wrong at any step. Thank you.

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    • IngridN
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      Hi Kurjatko,

      I am sorry to read you failed our ID check.

      In the event that you are denied the $50, our customer support team cannot overturn the decision. Moreover, employees are not allowed to give you any more details.

      If you are of legal age, you can still make a deposit at a poker room, receive a deposit bonus and subsequently start earning StrategyPoints.

      Happy Easter to you