live poker players in Toronto area

    • belayd
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      If you're in Toronto or the GTA and interested in trekking to Brantford for 2/5 limit or Niagara (_not_ Fallsview) for 1/2 NL, please reply here or friend me and send me a PM. I plan to start playing live in Brantford shortly and could use travelling companions as well as someone with a car. (The mass transit to Brantford is not too bad but I'd rather reduce travel time and chip in for gas.)

      I also have some interest in trying out poker at the Blue Heron, which had poker way before it became popular and other casinos started offering it. At the Heron the bottom limit is 10/20 but down the road I'd be interested in trying it.

      Someone suggested a cardroom that's in Toronto itself, and I'm interested in that as well, although it has a tiny player pool.

      Let's hear from you!
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    • hackbinder
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      Hey! I'm in Brampton and while I am not able to join you, I gotta ask if you've ever been to Fallsview and C Niagara.

      I've been to Fallsview and had a good time but their minimum is 2/5 which is a little steep.

      I haven't been to Niagara yet. The idea of rake bothers me but I think eventually I will go because the minimum is 1/2. If you have been to Niagara, in practice does the rake get ridiculous or is it manageable? Also, what kind of clientele is at Niagara? I'd assume there are more kids playing.

      Also, be careful of underground cardrooms. There was a shooting at one of them in Brampton recently!

      Then again, there are always shootings in Brampton!

      Take care.
    • belayd
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      Hi, Hackbinder,

      I've played 2/5 NL at Fallsview and, when I was there, I saw a lot of regulars. There were no fish to speak of. As of about six months ago, the general manager position at Fallsview was taken over by some skinflint Nazi, so I avoid Fallsview as a matter of principle. I don't even want to take the cheapo Coach Canada bus there!

      I've never played poker at Niagara, so I don't know anything about the clientele, but I do know the cardroom is fairly small and in the basement. Niagara itself is now devoted primarily to slot machines; there are very few tables there even for novelty games, let alone poker. I plan to give Niagara a try once my bankroll can stand it. In the initial stages I'm going to play limit because of the lower variance, and the closest limit games are at Brantford.

      Going from Brampton to either Niagara or Brantford would be a major pain in the butt without a car. You'd have to catch a Greyhound at Dixie Mall or a GO Train in Mississauga.

      As for shootings in Brampton, the crime rate in Toronto itself has dropped about 35% in the last five years, and the local police are bored out of their skulls because they have nothing to do all day. Our new mayor wanted to hire another 100 police officers and the police chief had to quietly talk him out of it. Maybe you should move here. :)