Almost killed me

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      Played a "long session" @ local casino on weekend against epic fishy field - Business man, sailors, drunk kids etc. Game 1/1 @ min BI 50 and max 300 Eur.

      Played 27 hands, lost 25. Got in good 26 of 27 times. 25 times i was all in preflop.
      And the most epic - lost 23 hands to the one drunk deuche.

      I just want to know, is there any mathematical way to count how many times in million years this kind of stuff happens to one person winner and a loser.
      I think the man who dominated would rather have played bingo and won a jackpot, it would be more realistic.

      Few epic hands:

      Drunken man raises 77 bb from cutoff. I shove 300 bb AK.
      He calls 72. wins.

      drunken man raises blind 56bb, i shove 300 bb 77. Get called by 73. Drunken wins.

      Drunken man call my 200 bb shove all in on the flop of Q72 with 93 off and catcher runner 9 and 3 against my AQ.

      First time in my life i am vining and feeling like epic set up victim!
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