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    • belayd
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      All poker rooms have play money tables, but play money tables are a rotten place to train to play for real money.

      Since you're already silver it appears that you've collected at least 100 strategy points since you joined on March 10th, so you've already played for real money. Might I guess that you played outside your bankroll and lost everything?
    • iambobdole
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      erm i'm playing on William Hill. Seems ok. Even when the table crashed, my money was refunded. That's good to know.
    • DzintarsTet
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      No i haven't lost anything ;)
      in fact i am in +

      I am wondering, because i like ipoker poker rooms layout and game style in it...

      I am willing to deposit some amount in other rooms to try out...

      I started with a williamhill and it turned out that it is one of my favourite poker site i have ever played i n;)
    • IngridN
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      Originally posted by DzintarsTet
      I would like to know if anyone have played in any one of those sites:
      Are all of sites trusted and have a play money to train before starting to play for a real money?
      Thanks :)
      Hi DzintarsTet,

      You can check out our Poker board where other can comment on our poker room partners and see what they have to say about player volume or client info.

      You can see here our bonus offers for each poker room.

      Let me know if you need more info