Customer service on Betfair

    • hackbinder
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      I just want to say that in the short time I have been on Betfair, I have had to get in touch with email customer service twice.

      Both times, the response was very quick (a few hours) and satisfactory.

      I have nothing but good things to say about Betfair customer service.

      The software, however, is another story!

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    • IngridN
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      Thanks for the feedback hackbinder! =)

    • gagstar
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      I've been playing Betfair poker for about 6 months and have nothing but good reviews - and that includes the software. It's definitely my number one since the PS/FT disaster...

      The best feature is the self-exclusion for morons like myself who can't control Tilt!! You can ban yourself for any length of time after losing a certain amount... I tilt, lose $ freezes me out for a few days to calm down - GREATEST FEATURE EVER!