[NL2-NL10] NL50 FR - A6s, FD

    • Faye6891
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      Titan No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25/$0.50BB (Titan HH Converter by Kreatief)

      MP1 ($10.90)
      MP2 ($7.85)
      MP3 ($46.00)
      CO ($30.70)
      Button ($51.80) (Hero)
      SB ($51.65)
      BB ($54.65)
      UTG+1 ($12.75)
      UTG+2 ($50.00)

      Preflop: Hero is Button with A:club: , 6:club:
      1 folds, UTG+2 calls $0.50, 1 folds, MP2 calls $0.50, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.50, SB calls $0.25, BB checks,

      Flop: Q:club: , 4:spade: , 3:club: ( $2.5 )
      SB checks, BB checks, UTG+2 checks, MP2 bets $1.00, Hero raises to $4.60, 3 folds, MP2 raises All-In $7.35, Hero calls $2.75,

      Is it OK to semi-bluff raise here?
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    • aciddrop
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      I think IP here, it might be better to call, and hope to attract some more money behind you here. Raising the turn then would have more impact.
    • wallace07
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      I reckon that your semi bluff raise is too obvoious a flush draw in this spot. Villain is short stacked and his bet looks like a protection bet with TPgoodK. He wouldn't bet air in a multiway pot with his short stack.

      And a shortstack with Top pair has to push the rest of his stack against your raise since your bet looks like a freecard/semibluff raise on this board.
      -->my line: --> Call flop and without improvement: check/fold on turn.
    • Thorsten77
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      I like the semibluff - you get the pot so often...
    • wallace07
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      Originally posted by Thorsten77
      I like the semibluff - you get the pot so often...
      no offence, but I think that's too easy, just semibluffing everywhere because you "get the pot so often" is imho -ev when you are such careless about the right spots.

      You're ignoring the following facts:
      - villain bets 95% for protection because he bets into an unraised multiway pot with 4 players still to act which is a strong move (very likely TP or better). It's a rather weak bet for protection with less than half the pot but I see that often from players, they just want to check out how much their made hand is worth with a minimum of investment.
      - he is shortstacked so with such a made hand, he has no other choice than pushing all-in, especially when our play smells so much like a freecard raise for a draw. He is favourite.
      - there are 3 players still to act after us (coldcalls or reraise is likely from a two pair, set, TPTK)!!

      Conclusion: There is not enough fold equity to justify a semibluff in a multiway-pot with several players to act behind us, especially against a shortstack player.

      But maybe I'm thinking too much about my opponents hands for this NL level and rather just should semibluff... ;)