no limit draw chasing

    • Terayon87
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      having been revising my strategy to no limit Holden over the past few months I keep reviewing the math side and getting a little confused over drawing.

      I fully understand pot odds however I am convinced that they are only really applicable to limit Holden when it comes to draw chasing.

      Scenario: I Amin a late position with a8s in hearts in which I choose to limp in with another 5 Players. The flop sends me another 2 hearts setting me up with a possible nut flush. On the flop a fairly agreesive player bets the usual 1/2 - 2/3 pot.
      Now I'm getting around 2.3 : 1 pot odds, nowhere near enough to justify hitting my flush. How do I justify tje implied odds after betting as they can be so unpredictable? In limit you can work out your math no problem, bit with NL I'm not so sure.

      I would still never lay the hand down!
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    • helemaalnicks
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      Think about the pot you need to win to make the call ok. Let's clarify things. 3 limpers in front of you, Nl10, and yo are bigstacked (naturally). So you need to make a 10ct call into a 45cnt. pot, and the sb completes, so we have a 60 ct. pot. The flop brings us K 10 2. Someone bets 40 ct. Do you call?

      odds are 40:100, The odds you need are 1:4, is 40:160, to make it good POT odds. So the question is... if I do hit my nutflush, can I make my opponent call a bet that is higher then 60? I think in this case, you can make him call 1/2 pot at least once (on turn or river) which makes this a good call.

      This is how I look at implied odds. :D
    • Gungunhana
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      That is also how I approach implied odds calculation, i.e., how much do I need the guy to bet in one of the next streets, to give me odds to call, in face of my outs.
      If the value is reasonable, say 1/2to 2/3 pot size or so, I call.