• BadEd
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      Sry if I double post but i didnt find anything similar...

      Tryin out PA... well,... he tells me that he found the Shorthanded Table I am plain on and that i have to click on it to change it to 6 Players... but it is not listed in the main window... so there is nothing to click on... no tables r listed whatever I play... also I do not get any Stats displayed at the tables...

      Can anybody help?

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    • TheVermithrax
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      Which site are you playing at?

      Is PokerTracker (PT) directed to where the Hand Histories (HH) are placed?
      - Do the HH show up in PT?

      Is PAHUD directed to where the Poker Client is placed (eg. c:\programs\PartyGaming\PartyPoker)?

      Is the Database selected in PAHUD?

      If running Windows Vista - Are you running the applications as Administrator?