Hey guys,

First of all, let me take a few lines to introduce myself. I am Bart and I am a regular on the 18/45/180pl. SNGs. Besides that I'm starting to grind the 6max games. Also, I am a coach and video producer for the Dutch community, coaching any 18/45player game up to $16. I have made a few videos, and will make them for a long time I guess. Also I have 2 weekly coachingsession, and on request I do some privatecoaching. (At the moment all in Dutch, not sure if this will change any time soon.)

Now that you all know me a little bit better, let's get to the point.

I would like to start up a strategy group on Skype.
I'd like to discuss with others who play these games.


18Mans. (I play $6+ myself)
45Mans. (I play $6+ myself)
180Mans. (I play $7+ myself)
MTTs (I play pretty much any Turbo MTT)

I play these games pretty much up to any stake that runs on a regular base.

I would like anyone playing any stake of these games to join and have a chat about hands/regs/other information.

Skype: DonBartosje