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    • evepoke
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      i was playing on Full Tilt Poker, but when i moved to europe i created second account on FTP and registered via PS.

      Yesterday, they closed my second account and i sent an e-mail to explain my situation. They kindly told me that i can't use my last account but if i would like funds to transfer to my primary account, its ok. so i did.

      My question is;

      is it possible to transfer my PS account to my first FTP account?

      Because i want to play on FTP as a member of PS, i want to earn Strategy points etc.

      it would be very nice if something like this is possible.

      Thank you very much.

      PS: I didn't get Starting Capital with my first account on FTP. I got it with my last account. I'm not a cheater or something.
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    • IngridN
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      Hi evepoke,

      Unfortunately it isn't possible for us to re-track existing poker accounts. :f_mad:

      This is out our hands and I am unable to help you with this. No matter how much I would like to.

      You can still register with another poker room through us. Have you checked our existing Poker Rooms?

      Keep me posted
    • evepoke
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      that's bad news. i really like to play on FTP.

      I can play on PokerStars but i already have an account on there.

      Maybe I can ask PokerStars Customer Support do delete my existing account,

      so i can register via PS.

      Thanks for information.
    • belayd
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      I doubt PokerStars will do it. They have a hard enough time permitting you to choose a second avatar!