Beginner to poker playing heads up holdem?

    • iambobdole
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      How good an idea would that be? Is heads up poker more profitable in the long term than 6max or full ring?

      I've only had 1 go on heads up so far and wiped $5.50 off the opponent with $0.05/$0.10 at which point he didn't top up his table and left, which was nice.
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    • Idle7
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      Playing heads-up, you must be aggressive, because there are only 2 players and blinds are payed every time. Its swingy game, if you play cash game, not that swingy as omaha, but you still need 50 BI bankroll to be good imo. You can start out heads-up sng to learn the game more and ofcourse read the articles about heads-up play and watch some videos.
    • pleno1
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      Hey iambobdole,

      I play heads up almost exclusively so hopefully can give you a few pointers.

      I think playing heads up is great to improve your fundamentals as a poker player.

      You learn;

      1) Bet sizing

      2) Positional awareness

      3) Hand reading

      Which are in my opinion the three most important things in poker.

      You can use aggressive bankroll management as the swings aren't so huge but your bankroll will steadily move in a positive direction.

      If you don't know it already I would read up on "nash" which means you can play unexploiteable.

      There are generally many fish at the lower stakes HU SNG'S as all the regulars move up relatively quickly.

      Any other questions you have, post ITT and as a friend of mine would say...

    • iambobdole
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      Alright I'll be back too. Too tired and going to bed right now.

      This time on HU, I got wiped, to the tune of 4 euroes @ 10/20 european cents table. There was so much rake the opponenent hardly won anything net. Looking back on my losses i remember at times I stopped to think and limped all the way to the end by pressing call repeatedly.

      I think its also the case that people generally don't bluff on the river. I was caught out when the opponent limped all the way from the preflop but suddenly raised me on the river. He had K6o, K came on the river. I was trying to hard to force him to fold because I had an ace and I never thought he might have had a K because he played so timidly from pre-flop.

      I also followed a very simple rule, everytime he checked, I bet, whatever I had. I'm not sure how good a tactic that is in the long run though.

      I'm not sure what a SNG is yet, but I'll make it a point to find out.

      What is "nash"?
    • 75degreesandsunny
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      Hi there,

      Apologies if I do something wrong here, this is my first time posting :)

      I am also a beginner, just started playing about 1 1/2 weeks ago, and am interested in HU play. I've mostly played cash games 10NL, and a couple of $1 SNGs.

      I found some mentions regarding nash in SNG discussions, but no tutorial or good place to lay it out for me.

      Did a search on nash and had no luck.

      pleno1, do you know of a good link??

      Thank You!

      ps to iambobdole. SNG means Sit-N-Go, a tournament that gets started once every seat is full. I also see it written sometimes as STT (Single Table Tournament).