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Blinds play - help

    • LudiCoka
      Joined: 01.06.2009 Posts: 266
      Hi all,

      I've been analyzing my play using hem trial. Currently I play NL4/NL5, but I've been through these limits before (and more) just cashed out to pay for college and stuff and now starting over - after quite a long time. Definitely a winning player - 9.6 BB/100 over 60k hands now, running bit over EV, EVbb/100 is 9.1/100.

      Basically I'm trying to become best as I can before moving up and taking a wonderfull 64% rakeback offer I got.

      Problem is I suck at playing from blinds, my red line (non-sd winnings) is skyrocketing if I exclude sb and bb from graph, but is going down like a damn angel waterfall if included. It's really a huge leak, not just natural losses from blinds, I've got -24.32BB/100 on blinds .

      This thread exists because I would like to kindly ask fellow players who have mastered blind play to help me. What hand ranges do you 3bet from blinds generally (against unknowns lets say - just not to complicate), when to cold call if ever, how often c-bet when called etc... etc... just give me some advice that maybe someone gave you when you had my problem, anything that comes in mind you think might be usefull. Perhaps links to some usefull articles/videos....

      Thanks in advance to everyone who is kind enough to help.
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    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      Well -24bb/100 on BB isn't really that bad, considering if you never play a hand from the BB you lose 100bb/100. You can't have positive bb/100 from the blinds.

      Best hands to bluff 3-bet in general are Axs since they have decent equity when called plus you have A blocker. Second tier of good bluff hands are SC.

      Cold calling from the blinds is depends on how tight your opponent is and what position is he raising from. Vs UTG TAG you can only call 22-JJ for setiming purposes more or less and KQ/AQ+. Hands like AT,AJ and KJ should go into the much since his range has you dominated more often then you dominate him and your playing OOP.

      However if the same player raises from the BU where his range is a lot wider you can defend with some suited brodways as well.
    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      Pretty much what the above said. -24bb/100 is pretty good for NL5 to be honest. I think my bb/100 on the BB is about -30bb/100, and i'm trying to sort that out :D Good luck.
    • Alficor1
      Joined: 16.06.2010 Posts: 7,291
      I'd stop defending the bb with hands that are tough to play oop, like small suited connectors like 45s. I found out myself that i was losing too much money from blinds with these hands.