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      My name is Ka kei. I am a young online professional poker player. I am from Venezuela and I am currently living in Maracaibo, the second biggest city of Venezuela.

      I started with poker from a very young age, when I was sixteen, a friend that later also became a professional poker player, introduced me to the game.

      My beginnings where pretty humble. My friend would transfer me $5 dollars from time to time in a semi-random poker site. I would mostly play $1 multi-table SnG’s. It took me around 2-3 months to build a $100 bankroll. Mostly playing SnG’s.

      One night, like every other night, I was reading about poker and somehow I ran into a “Martingale for roulette” strategy - I am not sure, whether it was a forum or not, but it was definitely a tipping point in my poker beginnings.

      Later that night, after reading the Martingale strategy I decided to try it out. It seemed like it couldn’t fail. It comes without saying that 30 minutes after my $100 bankroll that I builded through poker was now long gone. I was betting on red, but 13 times in a row it came black.

      Though life. I’d figure that I should e-mail the site, that such “unlucky” thing couldn’t happen and it might have been a mistake from the site. Of course, the site didn’t paid me back, and it was really annoying to go from hero to zero in 30 minutes after three months of work.

      I was very confident however, that at poker I could in a way excel, that’s when I started to read about cash game strategy mostly on 2+2 and other online poker forums. From some online websites that I used to run I had some money on paypal, my friend did me a paypal to pokerstars transfer of $100. Basically it was a swap and my first and only deposit.

      I was still a fish. I wasn’t too knowledgeable of bankroll management or anything like that. I started playing the 10nl game and quickly ended up busting 80% of my roll, that is, $80. I was left with $20.

      Now, you can imagine, how pissed at myself I was. I come from a third world country, and at the age of 16, $100 meant a lot to me. I went into a nerd-rage.

      I started reading much more the “must-read” and “sticky” forums. I found a poker pack of books of around 10 books, I decided to not play until I was “ready”, I read the whole pack of books in a week, and after that week, with my last $20 I decided that given my small bankroll playing $0.01/$0.02 cash games with $1 buy-in was the way to go.

      Quickly, that month using a highly exploitative strategy, like raising ? of my stack with AA/KK I manage to make around $170. I still keep that graph.

      After that, with solid bankroll management I moved up through the ranks. I quickly moved up to $3/$6 within 6 months.

      I basically moved one stake every month. $5NL was the next one, then $10NL and soon enough I was playing $600NL. I don't have graphs, most of my hand histories have been lost in many misfortunes with hard drives... The ones that I do have I rather keep private, as you can see I decided to block out my screenname.

      When I write that, I look at it and think to myself “damn, that was easy to type”, but don’t get fooled by the shortness of words. It was quite a long journey. I was playing and studying around 3-4 hours every day and I was still in High School. There were times where I would have to skip sleep to be able to finish my homework or study for exams for school, I even had to finish my High School thesis one night before doing it and the next day I had to present it.

      It wasn’t glamorous but it was definitely all worth it and without doubt I will do it all over again.

      Flashforward, I never looked back after my first month of winning $170. I have travel around the world with my poker earnings, and basically lived the “poker lifestyle”. I have lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in where I met a whole lot of poker players. After that, I moved to Hong Kong and After Hong Kong I went to Thailand, where I lived with some friends that I have previously met in Buenos Aires. I have done quite a bit more of just traveling, Macau, Colombia, Uruguay, China, and quite a lot of traveling in my home country.

      (Me, on the left) with a professional HU Poker player from Norway (far right) in the middle our favorite waitress in Phuket!

      This was on a bike tour in Colombia. On the left the friend who introduced me to poker: Luis, and on the right myself.

      2+2 Weekly Tuesday Dinner in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (All online professional poker players).

      More of the 2+2 crowd in Buenos Aires.

      Canaima, Venezuela. My first trip on my own. What a great experience this was!

      Quick stop before reaching Angel’s Falls, Venezuela. Life’s Good!

      Yup. That’s me, flying in Colombia.

      Actually. There’s quite a story about that. I really like that story, I will quote it from my blog.

      “Luis and I were in this very small town in Colombia and we heard this town was famous for some “extreme” sports they had from tubing in a very fast river which we did (a story for an other day) to paragliding.

      We booked a day before and the next morning we were going to flight. I let Luis do it first since I think that was going to be his first time. That’s a lie. I said something like “you go first in case, of you know…”

      His flight went as smooth as a flight could possibly go. I was next in line and here we were, in the top of a mountain with not a lot of people around. In fact getting to the top of the mountain was very extreme, or kind of.

      Where I was? Right, Luis flight went smooth so I am next, I get ready,I pick the jacket, the helmet and I am confident even though I always get dizzy in this kind of things, I have done it before, I know paragliding is very very safe, so really, no worries.

      My flight starts, I think the normal amount of time in the air is around 15-20 minutes, until my pilot I think his name was David, I am not sure I will call him David anyway. David somehow got carried away by streams of air and instead of going to the place that he always flight to he went to the other side. I was dizzy but I thought that David had it under control. We kept sightseeing and flying until David tells me, “I am lost”.

      Now I don’t generally freak out when I get lost since getting lost in the streets or whenever is a habit of mine, although this was my very first time getting lost in the air…

      I think David tried to return but he couldn’t find the place so we had to improvise. And I really mean “we”. We started flying over this big electricity cables and David start telling me to guide him… I tried but I was dizzy and not feeling very happy about the future so I kept telling him careful, cables! I think anything else was really out of my control.

      It was scary but David was a good pilot so even a year after I am still alive. We landed in this small farm, a local guy received us and started laughing at us, I couldn’t help it and laugh too. He said he would never flight. David decided to call his wife and say that he just had the most incredible flight of his career, a very long career from what I gather. I guess I can’t complain.

      After that David called the taxi (a motor cycle that resembles tuk-tuk’s here in Thailand) and we continued with our life’s, luckily.

      The small town is called Santa Fe, really nice place, nice hosts and they indeed have a lot of outdoor sports to do that are not that common.”

      All in all, looking back, it looks really surreal to think about it. From Zero to Hero again.

      Nowadays, I would mostly play any game from 100NL to 400NL. I have dive into PLO and I can probably profit at most micro/small stakes games.
      If you were to ask me, what do I enjoy most about this game, I am going to answer, without doubt, “Poker Theory”.

      I find poker to be such an interesting game. Take No Limit as an example. A game where players are dealt to cards and they usually have three options, to call, to raise or to fold. It’s amazing how simple it looks and yet in tends to be highly complex.

      After four years or so I definitely still enjoy to play poker, interestingly enough I tend to enjoy even more discussing and talking about poker theory.

      Last, but not least, probably the best yet most scary 28 (or so) seconds of my life:

      233 Meters Bungee Jump In Macau

      Poker & Coaching

      Currently I am producing videos for PokerStrategy, my first video was published and you could expect to see more from me.

      Check my first video: Theory For The Non-Conformist (You need Gold Status to watch it)

      And for coaching, in the case that you are insterested I would recommend you to check my coaching website:
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    • marlonmlk
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      Welcome dude!

      It's always nice to have some new blood in PS, pro players can always add up new knowledge for all of us.

      My best wishes for you.

    • IngridN
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      Hello Ka kei,

      Seriously! SuPerFanTAstiC introduction! =)

      Big welcome to the English Community!

      My name is Ingrid (how convenient :D ) and I am one of the HeadAdmin, you'll see me pretty often here as I love to lurk around the forum!

      I have lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in where I met a whole lot of poker players. After that, I moved to Hong Kong and After Hong Kong I went to Thailand, where I lived with some friends that I have previously met in Buenos Aires. I have done quite a bit more of just traveling, Macau, Colombia, Uruguay, China, and quite a lot of traveling in my home country.
      Yeah, I am soooo jealous!! :f_p: but watch out, I may come visit this summer!

      You mentioned your blog where you've quoted for us, will you have one with as well? (expecting a "YES Ingrid" ) :s_cool:

      Looking forward to see you on the forum
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      Hello bro!, I allways told u that poker was rigged when u tried to introduce me to this world, now see where u are haha!!

      keep growing as a poker player and as person and good luck in the comunity!

      dont forget never the similarity between a bulb, a pregnant woman and a carrot!! LOL.

      C ya.
    • PdroXz
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      Great post! Nice to see pics from your travels. :s_cool:

      I have known kakei for a longwhile now, and he's definitely 100% legit.

      i am starting some coaching sessions with him, he's an excellent coach and a great friend.

      I wish you all the success in the world and welcome to this big community of PS!
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      welcome :P look forward to reaching gold status and learning more from you :-)
    • jessica1992
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      Very nice pictures! GL :)
    • jasny69
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      Great story. Very inspiring.
    • kingve
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      Excellent intro Kakei, good luck in yours coach
    • kakeiho
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      Thanks everyone for the good wishes :)

      @Ingrid: I might start a blog, will post it here in case I do
    • Melkienn
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      Hey welcome man! I am from Buenos Aires! haha. So quite interesting read. I am very intrigued, what is that argentain poker community about? I must know :D
    • MarcPS
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      epic introduction sir.

      also really liked some of the concepts in the first vid. glad to have you on board!

    • kakeiho
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      Originally posted by Melkienn
      Hey welcome man! I am from Buenos Aires! haha. So quite interesting read. I am very intrigued, what is that argentain poker community about? I must know :D
      It is somewhat of a big group depending on the season of the year, a lot of players will go to a bar called Sugar, which I believe it's located in Costa Rica & Armenia (I am pretty bad with addresses).

      Mostly it's a social community of poker players that are at the same time expats/travelers.