Finally broke $100

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      don't have a fancy graph, but tonight I had a great run.
      NL2 10.32 won in only 400 hands.

      This put me at $105.18 total.
      Mind you, this includes the $25 Take 2 bonus, and $18.90 in rakeback.

      And if you take into account that I won 10.32 tonight...
      OH NO! That means since September I've only really "won" $0.96

      That's it... I'm turning pro.

      On the other hand, in the middle of January, I was down to less than $40.

      Just a great night.
      --Finished the "Bankroll" FTP Academy challenge
      --First time ever over $100 bankroll
      --Best BB/100 ever for a single session (4 tables)
      --Canucks beat Chicago in Game 7 of Stanley Cup round 1.
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