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Any advice for "grinders"?

    • ukspike
      Joined: 13.03.2007 Posts: 28
      I am still currently trying to play the super turbo 300 chip $2 S&Gs at FT. However the amount of grinders is getting ridiculous.

      I can quite easily play a game with 5-6 people on each table trying to grind away 4-16 tables each. It's insane!

      I have on occasion tried to "pick" out tournaments and found them so much easier to win due to the lack of regulars. However it seems to be getting more and more difficult to do as the number of them is growing.

      So im wondering if anyone has any tips / advice in how to deal with them.

      I have thought of backing down from the tables, and trying some other game- standard S&G for example :) but I like the super turbos. So I have also thought about maybe trying to explot the grinders some how.

      The major ones are obviously winning players, but they have to have a lowered concentration especially the ones on 16 tables, where as I am only on 4 at most (though going to move up to playing 6 soon). Maybe I can use this to my advantage with irregular steals and bets? Not sure if this would have the desired effect.

      My current graph is like a yoyo, drifting somewhere between $115 - $130 total profit (as via sharkscope).
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    • peche025
      Joined: 14.12.2008 Posts: 1,387
      Hey spike, the best thing to do IMO is just to keep learning and studying, that way you'll have a larger edge over the competition and win more $$$, of course it's much better to play a table with lots of weaker players but this is unfortunately not always possible.
    • SgtDonk
      Joined: 24.06.2010 Posts: 1
      Hello there, it's certainly good to hear that there is someone out there who enjoys grinding super turbos like I do. I grind at the $20 super turbos but due to lack of traffic I have to also play at the $10 super turbos. There are lesser regs at these stakes as compared to the micros. I think the problem at the micros is that due to the amount of regs, everyone is just flipping and it is really hard to profit at these stakes. Variance is especially high and you have got to run really good to 'exploit' these grinders. If u like these super turbos so much, I don't really think you should shy away from the tables regardless of the amount of grinders. With practice comes perfect and who knows, u might get a good cash from a tourney to boost your roll and help you move up the stakes. And I'm telling you this, it's so much easier to win at the $10 and $20 super turbos, or maybe it's just me running good:)