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Escaping from over sets......

    • boxface
      Joined: 09.09.2010 Posts: 29
      This is something I am really bad at.
      Ok so I play deep stacked microstakes and if I flop a set, bottom mid or whatever I will always try to get my money in the pot. I am now thinking I am at a stage in my game where I need to find folds in these especially bottom sets.

      If there is a flush out or straight out I can find a fold but if the board is dry and i have bottom set I can never seem to find a fold even if im getting action back.

      You could say that if you get a lot of action back at you then you could easily be beat so fold, BUT say the board is 2 8 K rainbow Hero holds a set of 2's. I have seen players stack off to me with AA AK QK JK and worse hands.

      I have also looked at the different types of players that I have lost/won money off in these situations and there totally random. Like the tight nitty guy who only plays Aces stacking off as soon as this type of flop comes down, Then theres the loose fishy guy who has hit his K 8 and is not folding to anything so will also get it in there.

      I make a lot of notes on people like if they do stack off with overpairs or 2 pairs deep stacked but there is always the guy uv never seen do it before.

      So basically I hold bottom set here. If I fold more frequently I cut my losses on running into bigger sets but I also minimise my gains when faced with crazy over pairs or fishy 2 pairs.
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    • Pascal
      Joined: 11.01.2011 Posts: 875
      Hi boxface,

      I think it is hard to find an general answer here
      in most of the cases in Holdem you can't do much wrong if you stick with your set

      however the best place to talk about specific hands is our handevaluation forum where you can put out hands for discussion and have experienced players who share their opinions.