[NL2-NL10] nl 5 AQ

    • xJCzZ
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      He was extremely tight vpip 4 pr 2 hands 288, So i thought he was set mining or had a big pair, when he reraised on flop I put him on a set, but with the nut flush draw I could not give it up was it right to push all in there or call and evaluate later on any help would be sweet cheers

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      $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (8 handed)

      Known players:
      MP1 (Hero):

      Preflop: Hero is MP1 with Q, A.
      UTG2 folds, Hero raises to $0.20, 4 folds, SB calls $0.18, BB folds.

      Flop: ($0.45) 6, A, 4 (2 players)
      SB bets $0.38, Hero raises to $1.50, SB raises to $4.53, Hero raises to $7.27, SB calls $1.48.

      Turn: ($13.73) J (2 players)

      River: ($13.73) J (2 players)

      Final Pot: $13.73.
      Results follow:

      Hero shows a flush, ace high(Q A).
      SB shows a full-house, fours full of jacks(4 4).

      SB wins with a full-house, fours full of jacks(4 4).
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    • veriz
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      Hello xJCzZ,

      Good to see old members posting again their hands! Hopefully we will see more hands from you in the future, so we will be able to help you fix your leaks and as well help move up the limits. We will be waiting for the next hands and till that good luck on tables!

      About the hand:
      Basically, against such an opponent there is no point to raise. He is so called THE NIT. He will usually continue there with very strong hands. Rather just Call and if you really do hit your flush then start to raise. You guys are as well a bit deeper.

      Best regards.