How to place a player on a hand?

    • annifridsl04
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      I'm relatively new to the game, I've been playing for a few years and just started to take it seriously within the last 6 months. I love it and I want to become good at it.

      The problem is, I find it really difficult to place someone on a hand. I find that most people at micro stakes will play almost anything. Therefore, if I play tight aggressive I still seem to get unlucky and lose my stack to someone whos played something I would consider ridiculous. I also play MTTs & STTs and this happens alot. Also, they call with nothing even though I don't make it cheap for them and get lucky on the river.

      So how do you place someone on a hand? Also, how do you play against loose players or players that don't have a clue who get lucky often? How can you tell if someone is a loose player?

      Thanks in advance. I'm getting really frustrated, it would be slightly easier to take if ther were amazing players that I lost to at least I would learn something.

      Anni :)
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    • Helipacter
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      I find that most people at micro stakes will play almost anything.

      Herein lies the rub: welcome to the micros!

      Seriously though, I keep the Pokerstrategy starting hand chart open at all times, not just for me, but for the other players too. I check their position against what they "should" be playing (according to the SHC), if it's something entirely different then I make a note of it.

      For example, from UTG (first player to bet) if someone plays A5 suited, then I make a note, as this is really loose.