suggested solution to db problem does not help

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      The original thread -
      [DONE] serious problem with elephant db

      got locked as "done" with mrk1988 suggesting I try to create the new db with the same name as the old one (which leads to a db already exists message), and if that does not work - restart elephant and retry (which didn't help either), and letting him know if that helped...

      hard to do, without being able to send him a message or post in that thread again, so I'm posting it here.

      As to Larres 's comment that that button's doing is a design feature, ok. That's for you to decide.
      but settings and data are different things... and the program should at least allow to redefine the database as the active one (well, it does half the work right by not deleting that button's work as affecting only the settings and not the data seems to be working...

      There should just be a way to reuse the database... Which is what I was asking about.
      Thanks in advance.


      the warning message shown when that button is pressed only talks about a reset....and it was in a "general settings" it could be a good idea (in my opinion... you may disagree... of course) to mention it affects the database as well... or perhaps if the databse could be reused it wouldn't be an issue at all... this just seems to be safer. to me:)

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      Heh Just rechecked - the warning message larres mentioned simply states:
      "Do you really want to clear the settings?"
      that's all.....

      Heh seems to be quite... insufficient...for what it does.. :)
      but maybe it's just me...
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      Problem solved.

      I have no idea why elephant wasn't able to use the database... But in one of my other projects (I'm a software developer too, amongst other things) I noticed postgresql doing something similar with another database...

      So, I tested if there was something seriously wrong with postgresql installation... and there definitely was...

      I decided to try to see what I can recover:

      I found that the last database backup I made from Elephant was about two weeks ago (being paranoid can help... at times...), and that my tests with Hold'em manager
      (I was testing if I needed all the extra stats and tools in HM, and it seems that for now, elephant is quite sufficient! a great program which I'm sure will get even better by the time I wanted more stats/tools)

      actually contained more than 95% of the lost sessions...I seem to have played some of them with the HM HUD open.

      So I exported these... reinstalled postgresql, created a new databse and imported all the hands... voila... Elephant may not have been the culprit after all...

      Thanks, and keep working on this great program
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      I'm glad everythings working now. =)