Downswing -> poker ev 0.80 graph

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      Hello guys,

      I am posting these images so you can help me understand poker ev graphs better.

      I dont post this in the downswing area because I am quite frustrated about the results but not sure if it is a real downswing. It can not be seen on these graphs but in my other room I am down 4-5 buyin this week so I am sure the graph is even worse there.

      If i anylze well this graph this means i should have won more than I do now and my luck factor is low.

      What confuses me is the expected all in winnings graph...

      if u need more info let me know, I have pt with results.

      These results are made at nl 50 / nl 100

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      Kinda small sample size to tell really anything and I wouldn't stare myself blind on this EV graphs. Sometimes you hit all your draws and sometimes nothing seems to go your way. That is perhaps the most complex thing about poker. You can play several thousands of hands but you can't realy be sure your a winning player until you played hundreds of thousands of hands. Post hands and analyze your play that way instead. No one can tell if you do things right by looking at stats.They can only be used as guidelines.