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*Input* creative name for a blog *The DogFather* (really?)

    • mongomob
      Joined: 27.03.2011 Posts: 156
      Hi all!


      I have been walking around with the idea to start a blog for some time now,
      not for the pressing need to express myself, but more to keep myself in check.
      so othen i say to myself before i go to bed, tomorrow i'll reveiw my entire hand history, or tomorrow i'll read this and that article, but then find myself in a spot with 2hours to myself and decide to just shoot up 4 tables and play ...
      I figured if i would post some learning goals i might be more inclined to follow up on such goals
      dont get me wrong, i do study my game, but too othen it turns into another autopilot playing session,


      I am 26yrs old have been playing poker for fun at home games, and live for some years, never giving it too much tought, however managed too come to some conclusions on my own like *tight is right* .

      i used to spend most of my time smoking, growing, dreaming, *s(m)elling*, weed, however i gave that up about a year ago.
      Since i had started to loose my hair slowly, and need glasses now, and have a fiancé, it just didnt feel verry *grownup* and deffinatly not the sport for me anymore...

      i am glad i did becouse a few months later we found out my girlfriend (fiancé) is pregnant (now 21 week) =) ))))...

      before we found out i had quit playing poker with my friends as much as they usually were drunk, and amazingly not as fun as i remembered in that state of mind...

      So i deposited on stars some 50$ made some winnings in SnG, and came 100th in a MTT of 1500... but tanked that BR due to bad BR, and shooting way above my BR and skill level.

      i tough started to get the feeling i really wanted to improve my game, not win money, just get better at this, that's when i saw an advertizment about 2months ago from PS.
      and it's been GREAT! i started studying and playing NL2 and have got my BR to 217$ (it's at 417$ but i have a stop at200$) and am playing NL5 now, i know i am well BR too start playing NL10 but feel in no hurry to do so, (maybe i am sticking too mych within my comfort zone!?!),

      Poker has really given me something to think about, and occupy my mind through some pretty changing times in my life, and for that reason alone it will allways be +EV =)
      i feel great having goals now and something to learn, and challenging for myself,
      and am forever greatful for the great community you have set up here =)

      i was only gonna write a few paragraphs but it snowballed, hope i havent crossed any lines in sharing too much personal info, or bored you, however if your still reading and bored that one is on you

      I would really like some other micro's too reply and get in touch with you since i really have no real life friends that think about poker the same way i do now most of them take it as a penis contest wich usually leads to wierd all in bluff spots or 5. 6. 7. bet pre with the biggest trash

      Goals short term.

      Keep playing NL5 till at least 10k sample
      play 1k hands a day
      study evry day
      be nice too my girl and my dog
      exercise evry day (hard to not do with the energizing dog living in my house)
      post 1hand a day in forum and in blog
      update this blog at least weekly (not too much, not too little)

      Goals Mid term.
      Take a shot at NL10 (any advice on that???)
      Learn how to professionally reveiw my session, hands (any tips on what stats too take a closer look at ect???) (any tips at all well appreciated since i'm beating myself up for not doing this enough)...
      Maybe get some coaching

      Goals Long term
      move to NL25 preferably this year
      start learning and playing micro and low MTT's
      become a better player
      become a better person
      stay humble and realistic in evrything i do
      become the worlds greatest dad

      My graph on NL5 so far (only about 7k hands)
      (had some real problems here, let me know if you see graph without link?)
      (will fix later today, but link should work)

      Also figured it wouldnt be much of a blog without stats and some toughts on where i think i need to focus, soo here are some numbers =)

      Hands 7183
      VPIP 16%
      PFR 11%
      PFR VPIP ratio 68,8

      3bet 3,9 ( recently startet too focus on this, had a tendency too call if raised before me, has gone up from around 2% at 4,5k hands)
      VS3bet call 20,7% ( another place where i am working on, what is your take on this how high do you feel is optimal here?)

      WTSD% 21,7
      W$SD 53,4 (is this too low? am i calling too thin on river?)

      Agg% 34
      Flop Agg 35,5
      Turn Agg 36,8
      River Agg 24,9 ( i think i spot a weakness here, do i tend to check on river for fear since they are still in pot (i usually am aggressor,) they must have the nutz?)

      Flop Cbet% 63,7% (working on choosing board texture for Cbets better)
      Turn Cbet 50,9%

      Steal Pct 32,4.

      Don't worry i dont expect answeres where i put question marks, those are my toughts on these stats, and your input however would be greatly appreciated =)
      this is not a please help me for free blog =)
      i allready feel a lot of questions and thoughts just from writing this and looking at the numbers with point of veiw of someone reading this.

      Thank you if you have given you the time to read this, thank you even more if you have valuable input (or just some input) i appreciate it.

      I would love to get in contact with others on a similar place in theyr poker development!

      now however energizer dog is on my ass about his morning walk since this has taken longer than expected, and the mss is still in bed gathering energy for the little one =) so i'm off.

      Have a great day and good luck at the tables.

      Thank you for giving you the time to read this, and any tips and suggestions would be welcome =)

      the hardest thing was comming up with a name, will work on that on my walk =)

      =) =)
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    • mongomob
      Joined: 27.03.2011 Posts: 156
      First of, thanks for all the insightful replys =)
      Since my blog got such a huge read a whooping 18ppl opened the thread, i figured i shouldt give it up just yet =)
      Mostly trying to follow my process anyways.

      Had a verry late night session last night, was emotionally not in the right mindset at all, had some thing come up, and in a move of infinite stupidity decided to play anyways (clear bonus and such...) wich is allways -EV.
      started out pretty bad, strong impulse to call on a weak draw etc. so i said to myself one more idiot move and its over for tonight, that idiot move came 3 hands later or so when i went into another shaky drawing situation fallowed by a constant 3bettor betting over my AQ on another table,
      in a burst of rage i shove on his rockets and end my session right there. =(

      If i am to pick a possitive thing from the session it is i felt i didnt have emotional state to play and set stop loss and followed up on that.

      this morning the show kept on going, i think i must have been still soft tilting from last night or something, becouse after 10 minutes i had lost 2BI...
      (cowboys into rockets) and (Queens into Cowboys) (both Vs same villain)
      Queens are NOT part of my All in PF range.

      I will not give up, that is not an option,
      but while i figure out what it is that is wrong i am taking the rest of the day off poker.

      i suspect i might have been playing too much lately... ot it's just life things that i take to the felt...

      if this post gets more than 3 reads, i'd greatly appreciate input, what do you guys do in situation like this???

      if graph doesent work here is imageshack link,

      So not so great days here, but i am (not now but will be) confident i can turn this around, and go back to play my A game =)

      Will be posting on that,
    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      work on improving by reading articles, watching vids, posting hands in forum, improving mindset, etc, etc :) i think everyone goes thru this stage that you described. (and not only once)

      downswings are practically a guaranteed in poker. but ofc everyone has a leaks as well. and its your responsibility as your own manager to try to get rid of as many as you can.

      gl in your journey.