INQUIRY, coaching on MTT replay, leak finding

    • YinYangS
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      Hi guys,

      I don't know where to look in the forum so I want to ask and if there are offers out there?

      Are there coaches out there who offer coaching in this method?
      • I send a complete hand history of a tournament I want to be coached on and find a leak on.
      • The coach review the hand history, have it played on a replayer.
      • The coach then sends me feedback on certain hands he think I should have played better.
      • The coach points out the leak in my game and how to improve.

      If there is, how much???

      Is it possible that the rate be on a per hand history basis?

      My desktop don't have speakers that's why I prefer the feedback to be just email or maybe voice/video recorder (which I would play on a laptop).

      I'm interested in this type of method.

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