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Back with an update

    • mikeyboy69x
      Joined: 16.04.2011 Posts: 9
      Hi all,

      It was only a few weeks ago i posted on here introducing myself, so thought i would come back and share so far, what i have managed with my $50 capital.

      The first few days i got to $53.32 (after alot of luck) as i was pretty much calling anything and everything. I read through some of the bronze articles and tried again.

      Over the following week and a 1/2 i was playing pretty tight, only using AK(S) or a top pair. My balance didnt fair up to my play unfortunatly and hit as low as $19.14.

      This last week (after studying alot of poker episodes online and tv, watching how professionals play, and learning more in-depth the rules on this website) I am playing pretty well. My balance has gone back up to a healthy $44.88 in 6 days, and i feel i know a little more about playing poker.

      I know pretty much which hands are useless, and which ones to raise, re-raise or just limp into the flop. I know when am beat, even when i've put alot of money in the pot, i feel i can fold when its right too, or on the odd occasion make a 'hero' call.

      Promoted to silver on this website, and i will continue to play NL2 until my bank balance really improves (if it does) and will keep coming back to update on the forums(if anyones actually interested lol) Once again, i can't thank poker strategy enough, with all the bills and looking after the little fella i could never really afford to test out my poker ambitions, but you have made that possible. I'm not being stupid with the investment i've recieved, and hopefully the only way is up from here.

      Thank you all the PokerStrategy team.


      P.S After playing only one table, and getting bored pretty much straight away, i moved to playing 2, 3 and now i'm on 4 tables. 4 tables for me is definatly my limit, as i have really peeked playing that amount of tables. I wait for the best hands (or half decent ones) and go from there.
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi Mike, great update, thanks for posting.

      Sounds like you're doing really great. You've suffered a few setbacks along the way and I'm sure there will be others in the path ahead as this is the nature of the poker beast I'm afraid. On the turn of a card short term luck ebbs and flows.

      The key however and what I find truely inspiring is the way you have dealt with these, your obvious commitment to wanting to help yourself improve and you genuinely seem to be having fun with your poker. That's really great :s_thumbsup:

      You're showing great BRM (bankroll management) awareness and a real willingness to learn from previous hands, these are sometimes very difficult things to achieve but are of course vital to building on your existing game and taking it further. Sir I salute you ;)

      Keep reading & reviewing the many strategy/educational materials and coaching sessions available to you here and do please keep us all updated on your progress, maybe start a blog in the blog section, you will find many members will follow you and provide both support, encouragement & offer tips from their own experiences.

      Keep up the great work & enjoy your poker,