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Hello from Argentina!

    • Melkienn
      Joined: 16.09.2010 Posts: 22
      Hello guys!

      I've been reading the site for some time now, but never introduced myself. Anyway, hello, I am Javier from Argentina. I'm currently playing in FTP with the initial 50$. I started playing because of a friend I have. She told me her brother played lots of poker and could make a nice income from it. I talked alot with him, we became friends and he showed me important stuff of the online poker world. As I tend to like fun stuff, risky stuff, I started playing, reading, studying, etc. Last year I didn't do much good, I never went bellow 45$. But due to some problems I just eventually left.

      This year I decided to continue. I started playing for leisure, since it would be stupid to just leave those good ol' 50$ there without use. So I signed up in this tournament, for which I finished 4th and won 31$. I was quite motivated by this, and decided to try again, more focus. So I kept on route, I lost 20$ from those 30$, and I accepted I seriously had to review my hands for better performance (although in some of those hands probabilities were in my side, but as we know bad beats always occur - it's important to handle 'em!).

      By that time I started playing SnG's so as to check them out - I read a lot about them and did regular. I was kind of afraid going back to cash games because I had done so bad before. But this period was important because reading about SnG's, how they work and stuff actually helped me in cash games. I learned to be more aggressive in very important situations, dont' be afraid of the All In in lots of them, steal blinds, pay attention to opponent stats, read opponents, ranges, etc. I learnt more about probabilities, equity, knowing when it's important to push, etc.

      Thus, I now stand with 70 bucks, ready to learn even more. I am really anxious to continue learning and doing better, and I am quite proud of being able to control myself in various situations.

      So, ready to learn and improve! If any of you guys want to make sweat sessions, I am up for it (that's what they're called right :P ?). Melkien is my nick in FTP.

      BTW, not writing on Spanish forum cause I prefer good ol' English :) . See you at the tables! (Funny edit: I had put see you "in" the tables. Thank god that isn't possible, it would be pretty weird haha)
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    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      (Funny edit: I had put see you "in" the tables. Thank god that isn't possible, it would be pretty weird haha)
      :f_biggrin: (think I am still laughing at this one)

      Big welcome to our community Javier!

      Great introduction and congrats on your winnings! =)

      I just started coaching with pleno1 and I play Heads-up SNG... reading your opponents is very important indeed.

      I hope you enjoy playing at Full Tilt poker and don't forget to visit our Full Tilt board and meet the others!

      Looking forward to see you more often on the forum!
    • pleno1
      Joined: 19.11.2010 Posts: 5,596
      Hey Melkienn,

      Firstly I would just like to say your English is very very good. I help teach you pokers and you teach me Spanish? :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin:

      Really like your post, you really sound like you are disciplined and know what you need to do to move to the next level. Alot of the new guys dont have a plan and just have a cashier and a poker site with lots of different game variants and play whatever they feel at the time. Its important that you choose one game, stick with it and try to master it. Once you have mastered it or realized that you will never be able to master it then you can move onto a different kind.

      If you look at the last page of my blog I talk passionately about the importance of getting sweat partners/poker buddies. Why not post in there and we try to get you fixed up?
    • Melkienn
      Joined: 16.09.2010 Posts: 22
      Thank you for the warm welcome guys! Will sure press to become better hehe, and will definitely check the sweat part and sign up.

      Btw, "So on Wednesday I went to Spain to watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid.. Was a pretty epic match and Messi obviously showed that Messi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cronaldo AINEC". Thank you, I needed to hear that, I hate CR7.

      I some some pictuers you uploaded, you actually played with Walcott? Or was it just a joke lol.

      I've never thought about it , Spanish seems so tought actually. :f_o: I mean if you don't know it, I reckon it can be extemely hard for everyone, with accents and stuff. At least I'm grateful I know it lol.