FL SH HUD setup

    • mChavez
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      What stats do you use in your huds for SH and how do you use them?
      It would be great if you could just post what stats you have and explain why you have them.

      Thank you.
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    • Boomer2k10
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      I use the following:

      Name: Hands
      VPIP, PFR, 3-bet, Steal, Defend Steal in BB
      Agg %, Donk Bet Flop, C-Bet Turn, Went to Showdown

      I also have custom pop-ups for them all.

      The 1st and 2nd row are just common stats and should be on pretty much every HUD.

      Bottom row, I prefer Aggression Frequency to Aggression factor becasue it converges faster and means more.

      Donk bet flop gives me an idea of if I need to adjust my play to account for donking and how.

      Turn C-bet lets me know if someone's over-barrelling the turn (i.e. raise turn more) or not C-betting enough (Peel more for free cards)

      Went to Showdown = Standard

      If you want to know more I'm going to be doing 1 or 2 HUD and Stats Video soon.
    • ElHelado
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      I use almost the same ones as boomer with a few differences. I dont find donkbet flop all too interesting but its very unusual at 5/10+ so perhaps its more common at other stakes.

      I also have turn check/raise% which is very good to know. Also have folded to CB flop and folded to CB turn which is very nice if you are a bit unsure whether or not to barrel on turn.

      Popups are amazing thou. I check them a lot and its nice to see steal% in CO, SB and BTN (it varies A LOT) and I recently added another popup with AF, donkbet, cbet, fold to cbet, check/raise on all 3 postflop streets.