• mdkats
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      Hi everyone, this month i am starting project Poker, my goals are to clear the 50$ bonus (or most of it ) and advance my game to a level that i can make a small income. I have been live betting and trading on betfair successfully for the last few months so i am familiar with things like bankroll management, downswings, variance etc, furthermore i have a maths degree which have helped me developed analytical thinking.

      I 'll try to update you through my process and hopefully i ll found answers the problems that i ll face

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    • Melkienn
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      Welcome! Hope you have a nice journey :) .
    • IngridN
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      Big welcome to our community mdkats!

      Congrats on passing the quiz and receiving the free $50 starting capital! I hope you'll enjoy playing at PartyPoker and don't forget to post in our hand evaluation board where we can help you find those leaks! =)

      Whats your game type?

      Don't be shy, keep the questions coming!