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      Hi all.
      I am 22 years old, I am from latvia.
      Poker I am playing about a year with shorter and longer breaks.
      I have tried cash games, mtt, sng and I think I finally found my game, it is HU sng. I really enjoy it.
      I decided to try play poker for living(kinda my dream job and I will have free time so I am going for it :D ). So from July I will dedicate whole my time to poker - study the game and play 6-10 hours in the day.
      So far

      I tried 1+0.1, 2+0.15, 5+0.25, 10+0.5, ofcourse I played only few sng at 5 and 10 bi, but I realy didnt feel skill difference(players play the same way, most are tigh passive or opposite - maniacs) at these levels. In what levels players become noticeably better?

      And what winrate % is good for hu sng player (theoretically if rake is 5%
      with rake back(27%) I make profit if my winrate is >51,8%)? and after how many played sng I can understand what is real winrate % for me?
      So far at 1+0.1 winrate is 54% with 200 sng and 2+0.15 winrate is 60 % with 70 sng played.

      I have free time till January(it is 6 months) after that I have to decide to continue play poker or return to studies.
      my first goal is to make 1k $ BR and become winning 20+1$ HU sng player.
      How do you think? If I can't do it in 6 months, should I forget about poker career?
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