Holdem Manager - HELP please

    • pavels4444
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      Hello everyone,

      I have couple questions concerning HEM (got just trial version so far but i want to make sure to understand it properly and see that it is useful before i actually buy it)

      1.) Is there any way how to get old hand histories from pokerstars and fulltilt into HEM. (the ones before I started using HEM). If so, How?

      2.) How to find leaks in my game? I studied the software quite a bit ... found lot of great features. But how do you determine to change certain ways? Where do you find it?

      Thanks for any help :)
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    • breena
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      HEM should find your old hands as long as you have set up the import folder correctly and played them on the same computer.

      With leaks just mess with the filters and check by position, hands etc and the graph can tell you quite a bit. Also just reviewing hands after the session

      I watched a few vid on you tube and on HEM website (Im not much of a reader) when I first installed it.

      As you go you will figure stuff out
    • mariostoona
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      i also downloaded holdemanager and want to use the tourney(results,graphs etc) basically for my fulltilt account in sng 2$ and i do not know what i have to do..plz help.
    • netsrak
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      Check the videos and the FAQ