Hi all,
first of all, I would like to thank the community for forum, videos etc. it is all very helpful. I was playing NL20 - then swing came and due to roll management I started to play NL10. Now I have almost 20k hands and I am break even. So I am looking for someone to coach me - 30% of my monthly profit to coach. I found out that I need someone from the other side to see my game, stats, my thinking etc. I think I am not a newbie, but need someone to help me with my leaks.
I am able to play 3x a week (cause I have a wife and job) 3 hours each session - on Sunday longer. I play on Cake poker - in may I will move to Bwin. Also I have account on Pokerstars, but now i prefer someone on Cake.
thanks a lot in advance and GL

update: i have finished one project so I am able to play 2-3 hours a day (9-12 AM CET)