Holdem + Omaha

    • MatejM47
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      I've been using HM for about a year now and now i decided to try out some PLO so i got myself Omaha Manager as well. But for some reason i cannot use both at the same time. If i want to use Omaha manager i have to uninstall holdem manager and use HM serial but then Omaha version no longer works. Is there any way to make both of them work at the same time? Both are small stakes versions.

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    • netsrak
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      HM and OM are one program. The difference is just the gametype.
      So there is no need to install it twice.
      The functionality is controlled by the license key.

      I guess you have a Holdemmanager Key and are using the Omaha trial at the moment? In this case you need to contact sales@holdemmanager.com with your license details to assign you a Omaha trial key in addition to your Holdemmanager key.

      If you bought HM and OM i think you bought the wrong OM version. You need an upgrade key. In this case please contact sales@holdemmanager.com too and ask for a combined license.