before the payout structure

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    • helemaalnicks
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      go allin too.

      Well, it's a matter of icm play, but with a twist. Since the payoutstructure is so different, the ss wants to put his money in easier, and the deepstacked wants to play a bit less oppurtunistic. I see lots of those threads. If I'd ever get a job on this site Ill give this extra attention, it's a bit complicated, so i can't explain here. I can recommend you HoH 2 for this topic, since it gives you a nice strategy.
    • Dippy19
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      Well I do go all in but with a very tight range. But it really sucks if you fall out just before the money when you've been playing for 3 hours. I feel out right now in 17th place(10 paid). Had KQo, the other guy had a flush draw on the flop and I had a pair of Q(high pair). Didn't even see the flush draw I was soo tired. Well anyway he got the flush and I fell out. Oh yeah I was the aggressor, tryed to win without going to the showdown.

      By the way I hope you get the job and it would be really good if you would give this topic some consideration.