[Application] $100-150 stake for FTP bonus clearing.

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      I'm currently looking for a short-term stake to release the FTP added bonus.
      The bonus at hand is $200+up to 3 $20 Rush Ring game tickets.

      I had planned to try and get a personal loan in order to deposit and cover this myself, but atm I only have $50 available to put into FTP in my moneybookers account.(password reset pending, bastards have already taken 9 days trying to reset it...)

      I was ill in the autumn of last year and only had a little left in my bankroll, having had to clear it all out.

      In february I was hospitalised again and forced to clear out what was left of my backup funds was depleted.

      What little I had left on the account at FTP, I've lost in the last few weeks, was only like $20 and I hit a downswing.

      I was thinking to release as much as possible of the bonus on $0.02/$0.05 RUSH, 4 tabling and while opening fairly wide to steal, remaining nitty. About 17-19 VP$IP.

      As RUSH can be swingy in it's nature, I'd prefer a bit over the usual $125 for this, even the extra 5 bi to $150 may matter. But as the title says $200 would be preferable.(50 me, 150 stake)

      After discounting the stake, and my 50, the remainder of winnings+bonus released would be split 60/40 in favour of the staker.

      I can't guarantee I would be able to release the full bonus, but I will put in as much time as I can between full time work and trying to get my wife to let me play as much as needed.

      I would really have funded it myself if I had the possibility, but only having just returned to work, I won't have any cash til the 25th, at which point SHOULD I against all odds loose, I will refund the staker what I can.

      Hope someone's interested,

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