Lost confidence in my game

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      First i will try to tell my poker career shortly. You can skip next pharagraph if you want :)

      I started playing poker with 50$ starting capital from this site on party poker. Of course i didn't understand anything about poker at that time so i lost most of them soon enough. After i had only 5$ left i realised that this game is much more complicated then i thought before. So i started reading articles, books and so on. After that i came back and turned these 5$ into 50$ playing full ring cash games. Then i migrated from party to ps, so in this way i could get some bonuses. I continued on PS playing fr cash and managed get to 150$ and clear my bonus. After this i migrated to titan poker just to get promotions from holdem manager. Played a little there just to get my free HEM license. So again i was thinking about which poker room to choose next and at that time "black friday" happened. So again i came back to party poker, since they were offering reload bonus. I was planing to play fr cash there, but because of ridicilous traffic wasnt able to multi-table succesfully. So for the first time i stepped into SNG world...

      And here misery begins...

      Im adding graphs and some statistics which i though can be usefull. As you can see im only a break-even player and thats only because of bonuses. If not bonuses i would clearly be a losing player. I know that 500 tourneys is small sample, but its enough to lose confidence in my game. Actually i am spending quite a lot of time learning SNG's. I read Collin Moshman's SNG strategy, all articles available to my on this site, i watched a lot of videos. Also i am practising with ICM trainer and i gather about 90% points with it, which i guess is not bad for begginer as me. I dont want to sound like im not enough self-critised, but i really think i deserved to have better results in lowest buy-in SNG's where 8/10 of all players are total fish... I even started to believe in these "ghost stories" that its rigged and so on... ?(

      I heard that rake on party poker is just ridicilous and it stops players from climbing up. Maybe thats the reason? ?( Basicly all opinions are welcome. I would love if someone could look at these statistics im providing and find any leaks.

      Thanks for your time.

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