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Best voice chat sites

    • TightTizzle
      Joined: 13.02.2011 Posts: 5
      I guess its off-topic. BUT I’ve recently enjoyed improving my English by using some of the various chat sites. Here is my experience. Enjoy.

      Chatroulette – random video+audio chat with strangers from all over the world. FREE
      + massive amount of users
      + you never know who you will talk to
      + most popular site
      - rare to have a real chat
      - no real conversations take place
      - every second time you see a naked dude (never a naked chick)

      Omegle – random video+audio chat with strangers from all over the world. FREE
      + many users
      + you never know who you will talk to
      + very popular, probably the number 2 site for audio/video chat
      - same as for Chatroulette, rare to have a good chat longer than 15 seconds
      - no real conversations take place
      - lots of naked male skin

      Rosetta Stone – random audio chat with people who want to learn languages. REGISTRATION REQUIRED
      + very good site for learning English and other languages
      + have solid conversations with more “serious” and friendly people
      + you can actually help people improve their language skills
      + you can find a partner for all languages: from German to Afrikaans
      - error with registrations occurred the first several times
      - sometimes difficult to have a conversation because you mostly talk with people who are not good at your particular language
      - have to wait to find a conversation partner

      Conversationland – audio chat with random people with focus on improving creativity and humor in conversations – REGISTRATION REQUIRED

      + moderated calls (they last 5 minutes each time)
      + you receive written feedback by your call partner after the call to your inbox
      + possible to choose which category you want to train (creativity, humor, etc)
      + focus on having a real conversation to improve conversation skills
      - takes time to find a conversation partner in off-hours
      - sometimes get matched with the same person again
      - need a new Skype account to use the website
      - mostly English speaking users

      Chatroulette and Omegle are pretty much the same. Loads of users, and you sometimes see seriously funny people. If you want to train a specific language, I would use Rosetta Stone. Conversationland is good for having prolonged conversations if you want to train your conversation skills and get some serious feedback from your partners.

      Over and out,
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    • pleno1
      Joined: 19.11.2010 Posts: 5,596

      Thanks for this post. Very interesting, I have used chatroulette and omegle socially with friends for laughs when they were the "in" thing to do.

      I am looking to get a tutor to teach me Spanish and eventually German, wil definitely try out the latter two to help/improve.