stars tracking?

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    • justkyle88
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      Hey portvalenath,

      All you need to do is have a non-existing account on the site and follow the download instructions for each site individually.


    • Anssi
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      I think with stars you have to the setting and allow Stars to share information with your affiliate or something. Should be in download instructions.
    • pavels4444
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      Originally posted by portvalenath
      do i recieve strategy points for playing stars? was racking them up on willy hill but not recieved any since going to stars 4/5 days ago? ty =)
      If you havent created an account through pokerstrategy, you will NOT receive SP
    • IngridN
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      Hi portvalenath,

      Easy to get to the end of this =)

      Have you registered through our PokerStars promotional link? If not, than its unlikely that you are tracked with and probably had an existing PokerStars account already.

      I can see that you are tracked with your William Hill account and your last earned SP was on the 26th of April.

      Let me know
    • portvalenath
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      ta for the help

      and i used william hill when i first got the $50 dollars and ran it up abit, but moved to an existing stars account because of the low traffic on william hill.. i went onto my profile and entered my username and the status changed to 'Your account has been correctly tracked and you are receiving StrategyPoints', hence the confusion. i never signed up to stars via pokerstrategy

      thanks again!