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bad beats and excessive emotion

    • Mitch7770
      Joined: 10.10.2007 Posts: 2
      What is yours and your staffs oppinion on this one.
      We have a local tournament where my dad and our local champ had a tussle.

      It was one of the first 10 hands of the tournament

      Early position: Dad
      BB: Champ

      SB 25
      BB 50

      Dad: Ac7c raises I think 800
      Champ: AsKd Calls
      Everyone else folds, including me

      Flop Ah Qc 2d (something like that)

      Champ: raises 1600 (something like that)
      Dad: All in
      Champ: calls

      Turn 8d (something like that)
      River 7d

      Dad was over the moon that he had rivered the champ and duely showed alot of emotion.
      The champ was gutted and basically said nothin apart from a comment directed at dads call of all in with A7.

      My questions to you.

      Is this a bad beat and if so what were the percentages?
      Should you show excessive emotion when knocking a person out of a tournament on a bad beat.

      My Dads excessive emotion was loosely a combination of finally hitting a
      meaningful river and downing a champ that he holds in high regard. This
      champ plays a very tight compact and aggresive game, I beleive Dad felt he had found a lapse and was going for it. To him the result was the fruits of his labour.
      I burst dads bubble by saying you delivered a bad beat and then burried his nose in it.

      I beleive you shouldnt celebrate a bad beat but more thank your lucky stars and pay homage to the poker gods. Should I loosen up abit?


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