I need ideas

    • zilltine
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      So, my story, i made account via pokerstrategy at FTP. I noticed that i probably made anothr account long long time ago. I sent them e-mail that it`s possible and they wrote me back that i did have multiple accounts, they deleted new and left my old account to play with. Problem is i have no idea what e-mail i registered that account and ofc no chance to remember my password.

      Last thing support sent me:
      "Please contact us using your registered email address of your primary account, we will then be happy to provide you with further assistance to log in to your primary account."

      So, any ideas how i can play on FTP?
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    • thazar
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      you should still receive promotional email on your old account. check what email they are sent to. that is the only thing I cxan think of atm. If I think of something else, will let you know.

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