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      I am currently playing short handed Rush Poker at Full Tilt and happened to meet a player who is often 3 betting particulary my Button raises in the Blinds more often in the BB not my Cut off raises. I think he is doing this with a high frequenzy of 20%, so I started playing back at him when my Hands had blocker cards involved, but i don't want to end up in a betting war. Probably a tigther opening range oN the button is an option, on the other side I am at the moment not openening to wide here.
      My question now is how to react should I call him more often or open even tighter or maybe you could give me a hint on which range I should call him with and play on Postflop using my position advantage.
      My sample size of villian is ~300 hands Vpip 22.5 Pfr 20 3 Bet general 8.5%

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      Which limit you are playing?
      In my oppinion 4 betting light isn't a good idea, it's a more advanced play and I think that you should avoid that in lower limits.
      I think you should 4bet/stack off with JJ+, maybe even TT+ if he is very loose, and AQs+, AKo.
      You should call with good broadway hands, like KJs I think should play well against him
      And when he is in blinds you should tighten your range. Maybe open less suited low cards, like one gappers and offsuit hands like J8o.
      If it's not rush, I tend to leave those tables when people on my left are 3betting alot, but obv you have no choice here.
      Hope that helps.