• Sevy15
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      Does anyone no if there is anywhere i can compare my poker tracker details section with what would be optimum numbers to reach??? eg i play mainly 9 man sng what is the ideal VPIP, PFR, agression factor and all other stuff in details section on tracker???
      i dont have a massive amount of tournys under my belt yet but would like to no where i should be aiming in certain areas???
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    • Jan217
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      Dont try to play in just a way to reach 'optimal' stats, then you'll just be playing like a robot. Really what you need to work on if what kind of hands you can play based on the playing styles of the players around you and your position at the table. Aggression factor in particular is something that should be totally dependant on the type of opponent your facing. My advice would be, watch as many videos on here as you have access to, they are really a great learning tool!