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      So I've been playing a little in our local casino and I'd like to get more into it. It's not that I don't think it's a profitable situation I just don't think I could handle the variance that comes from them pushing on the turn with a flush draw when I hold an over. I went three days in a row about a week ago, +$567, -$36, and -$40. The last two days I won a pot each day with one of them only taking down the blinds... The players at the casino are pretty bad, willing to stack off with any kind of draw. Blinds $1/$2 with buy-ins of $60-$200. Most people buy in with $100 which is what I've been doing in past, but ideally I'd like to buy in with $150-$200. Not sure what kind of staking deal would like to be made, but I can work that out with anyone interested if you send me a PM or a post. As for credibility... I have none :P I play as Tontor on both stars and Cake and you're welcome to check out my graphs on PTR:
      Cake (16,000 hands) http://www.pokertableratings.com/cake-player-search/Tontor
      Stars (107,000 hands) http://www.pokertableratings.com/stars-player-search/tontor

      Ideally this will be a solution just until I get a large enough poker roll to be self sufficient.


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      Good luck with that.
      If you get love in this thread i make same thread only games are 1/1 usd (little less then 1/1, because in my currency 1usd/2,3 Lt ant game is 2/2 LT) and my results 10 times better then yours :) .
      But its very hard staker to know that you provide true information about winnings or loosing so staking becomes impossible without ultimate trust between staker and stakee. And this only comes with time.
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      Hi Tontor,

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.
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