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hit the gold

    • Floating
      Joined: 15.07.2007 Posts: 132

      a few days i hit the gold here, or gold status at least.
      dont get me wrong, i still dont know how to play poker.
      and i certainly feel this way when trying to follow a coaching.
      yet i managed to play +ev on the low limits.

      on of the articles says that i should congratulate myself when i reach a br of $600
      so actually i should congratulate myself twice now and i decided to start this thread for this occasion.

      been playing poker since last august.
      had some up and downs playing FL, guess i managed to play the starting capital from $50 to $100. got a bit bored with that and had a look at NL, playing SSS for a few days and BSS for a few days, break even or so. got curious about about SH and as i had $15 somewhere on an account from before i joined Pokerstrategy i decided to have a look with that.
      got lucky there cos 4 days later my account was already at $115. so i kept on playing NL10 SH till i reached $322.
      as i got there averaging around 22BB/100 hands i decided to adapt brm a bit and decided to move to NL25, promising myself to move down should i fall back to $100, even willing to reload with $50 of my own money in case of worst case scenario... im not a student, so $50 does not mean so much to me).
      so there i was at NL25 and the fun was over, just a bad streak and some mistakes and one week later i was at $133, preparing to move down.
      then my luck changed and my play got a little better. with one minor bad streak i find myself at $710 now with a winrate of 10BB over the last 20,000 hands (after the initial bad streak).
      meanwhile i watched the videos, posted a few hands and studied the other hands posted on the forum.
      as NL SH was quite a tense thing for me as in quite a few situations i still have serious doubts -and yes, often the entire stack is at stake then- i decided to have a look at FL SH.
      i had around $86 on my titan account. found it relaxing to play an hour of FL after a session of NL. so did that for a few days on FL 0.05/0.10 and 0.10/0.20.
      as staying awake seemed like the main requirement to win at that at level i moved up to 0.25/0.50 again a bit before classical brm allows... did quite well there also so moved to 0.50/1.00.
      i still dont have a clue on how to play that game properly but im still winning there at around 4 BB per 100 hands over the last 5000 hands.
      brings my brm for FL to around $512 (part of it from the first deposit bonus i got by retracking my titan account to ps) ... so not so far removed from the brm requirements for 1.00/2.00... :rolleyes:

      worst mistake i have made so far:
      not studying the game enough (being too keen on the playing itself)
      i know i still have plenty of space to improve and fine tune my game

      so im thinking to participate more in the forums and watch the coachings on a regular basis. (i really feel like a fool when i hear the coaches their interpretation of the game... but on the bright side: i can only improve from there on)
      yesterday i ordered Phil Gordon's Green book, and Terry Borer's book on SH FL. -yet i dont think that reading them can match up with one can learn at ps-

      moving to SH too quickly and adjusting brm a bit i dont consider as real mistakes. playing FR bored me and opening a second table was not an option as that way i was missing out too much.
      playing SH however i took like a fish to the water (might be a wrong phrasing in the poker world ;) ) with only 5 opponent a the table i have a better grasp of the table and i soon was able to open a second table playing NL. (i tend to overlook a few things when i do that with 10 at the table)
      so i know that this is against standard teaching here but somehow this seemed better for my frame of mind. (and i do hold the opinion that teaching is all about adjusting to the student's capacities)

      so all in all i have not made up my mind yet on what poker form i should concentrate on. SH cash games for sure... NL or FL?... eh.... :rolleyes:
      guess i just play around a few more days till the decision falls on my donking skull.

      one thing im going to do is follow xylere and do some goal setting.
      no, i dont intend to follow in his footsteps so again im going to make an adjustment according to my mind frame

      -play 500 hands FL SH per day ( one day of playing 500 hand NL allowed)
      (mainly being close to the next limit that decides here)

      -post 5 hands per day to the forum for analysis and start participating in the discussions there.

      -follow the coachings.

      so i keep my goals simple thus easy to reach

      as i never was into goal setting (but then again xylere's postings are sooo inspiring (thx xylere for your work) no long term goals yet. (i have to admit that i would like to date maria sharapova, but lets face it: the odds of not getting laid at all then are against me)

      so aside from xylere another special thanks for undercover and puschkin -their bronze NL videos gave me a feel for the game, and their posts inspire me- and all others who participate here.
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    • Puschkin81
      Joined: 14.04.2006 Posts: 4,786
      Hi Floating!

      Nice read! I hope that the books you have ordered as well as our coachings and forum posts will help you to improve your game and that you keep moving up!

      Good luck at the tables!