WTF is wrong with me?

    • mineriva
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      This is me last 24hours:

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      The landslide was last night and this moring.

      1) Double up on table and get AA next hand before I can sitout. I am BB and folded to SB who makes 3bb. I make it 9bb he calls. Flop 226 and money goes in. He has 66. In the 10min that followed I got stacked on 3 other tables.
      2) This moring: I have KK in sb player with 72/29 raise and get 1 caller (9/1) I ship and both call. The 72/29 has AA and holds.
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    • Roachor
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      bad bad luck :( just keep breathing, relax a little.. watch some tv... things like this happen :(
    • Diabeto88
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      seems like you are playing in tilt a little bit. I know your feelings, I had the same. For me was helpful not to play, just watch videos here or on cardrunners, study my game, but not play. I know that is difficult to not to play if you see you are loosing money, but if you do this, you won´t loose all your money..
    • Bondy5
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      I know the feeling with your AA vs 66

      The amount of times I have had an overpair and run into a set is ridiculous.

      I had a session yesterday where people kept hitting sets and even striaghts with there low pocket pairs.
    • mineriva
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      Ty for all the kind words.

      Lucky for me I had to go to a meeting and on the way I thought about it.

      I remembered one particular hand:

      I had AA on a table and made a 3bet and villian shoved. I pressed my keyboard shortcut (I wrote a script as surgested by gerv) but pressed the wrong key and called on another table. To my delight I called with 33 utg. Utg+1 made a minraise and got 3 callers so I called. Flop is 369 rainbow. I check and utg+1 makes potsize bet and other players fold. I raise, He shoves I call and he shows 66.

      Set over set. EVIL DAY.

      BUT WHAT DID I LEARN? I was playing to many tables.

      So when I came home I played another session:

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      I went down to 2 tables rush and adjusted my betsize.
    • antstruk
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      What limit is this?
    • roopopper
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      Mineriva!!! you are thinking about short term instead of long term!!!! One days poker? come on time to rethink!!!!! :P