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You just got knocked out

    • alcool22
      Joined: 11.02.2011 Posts: 1,904

      My name is Andrei. I am from Romania and i am 27 Yo.
      First to explain the title... I use to play 3.30$ 90 man SNG KO on full tilt, and I feel such a rush whenever I knockout somebody.
      So... Let's take it from the beginning.
      I believe it is 4 or 5 years since i first started to play online poker. I was working at an internet cafe and I played for fun just to have something to fill up my time during long nights, and not go to sleep.
      I even won a freeroll on PartyPoker for 20$, but I ended by loosing all the money at the Party Casino.
      During the years I think I deposited about 100-150$ on various sites. Oh I realise now how big a fish I was :) However I didn't loose all that money because I had a good post flop play, but I was playing way too many hands with dominated cards and I believe that's the reason I was BE for the last 5 years.
      I wasn't loosing, but I wasn't winning either, so the poker virus didn't get to me :) I was playing 2-3 hours for fun every 2 or 3 months when I remembered I had an online poker account.
      I discovered this site about 3 months ago thanks to a colleague at work, and man I was up for a shock.
      A whole new world opened up in front of my eyes. I wonder where would I have been now if I found this site 3 years ago.

      So... I registered on PS sometime in February and received my starting capital on FullTilt.
      Busted almost all my bankroll on rush. Interesting phenomenon this rush thing, however, cash games weren't my favorite games to begin with.
      I consider myself to be a MTT guy, however I use to play well first couple of hours in a tournament, then i start to loose focus and spew chips on the tables.
      So I focused myself towards 90 men SNGs which last only about 2 hours, where I feel I can play my A-game.

      I deposited 70$ on the 1st of March mainly in order to receive rakeback and to complete the remaining of my starting capital from PS to about 100$.
      I still played rush in order to release my first deposit bonus quicker. Lost about 30$ on the way, but ended up with a 40$ profit from the first deposit bonus.
      I started playing 90 man SNGs KO 3.30$ and 54 man super turbo 2.70$. Caught an upswing and surged to about 300$. Caught an ugly downswing and got down to 120$.
      I cashed out all my money thinking that that's enough poker for me, and maybe this isn't just my thing.
      However I still had about 2500 FTPs left and I wanted to spend it all in order not to be tempted to play poker ever again.
      I bought 3 step 1 tickets and sat down at a step1 HU table. Funny thing I managed to get 2 step 3 tickets which i played in 24+2 $ matrix SNGs and won about 110$ :)
      I cashed out another 60$ and I said I will give it another go with a 50$ starting capital.
      Dumped the 2.70$ super turbo SNGs as the variance is just too high in these tournaments and I concentrated strictly on the 3.30$ 90 man KOs.
      I also started attending the coaching with monsterducati, our Romanian trainer for SNG KO which helped improve my game a lot (that was 2 weeks ago).

      I realise my BRM sucked playing 3.30$ SNGs with 50$ in my account, however I managed to turn them in to a nice profit and I stand now on a 270$ bankroll.
      I think I even play worse then when I had only 16 buyins because having 80 buyins to back me up makes my game a bit looser then I would like too. I think I will somehow have to trick my mind that I only have 16 buyins to spare in order to tighten up my game :)

      I don't even know what realistic goals I have to set because I haven't given it a thought. I just started typing 45 minutes ago and haven't stopped since :)
      I'll come back later with a post in which I will set my goals for the rest of the month.
      I hope you will enjoy this at least as much as I do...

      Good luck at the tables,

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    • alcool22
      Joined: 11.02.2011 Posts: 1,904
      Making my way home from work I thought about some realistic goals I can set for short and long term.

      :club: Become gold on Poker Strategy - short term

      The coaching I attend is for silver players only for 1 month, then it will be only for gold+ players. Since coaching improved a lot my winning rate, and my approach towards 90 men KO SNGs I would certainly like to continue with the coaching.
      I realize it's hard, even close to impossible to achieve gold status playing 6-10 SNGs a day, that's why i'm gonna still play some cash games even tough i'm a loosing player in those.
      :club: Improve my game - short and long term

      Well this could be included in the goal above, since coaching improved my game a lot. But I will also need to watch some video's about MT SNG's (if you can recommend me any i will certainly be grateful) and also read some mindset books (again i'm open to any recommendations)

      :club: Be a winning player, not a whining player - short and long term

      I tend to get very upset every time somebody calls my shove way -EV and ends up winning the hand. But hell if it weren't for those fishy players I wouldn't be winning anyway if i'm facing similar or better competition.
      Just write a note on that guy and you'll catch him next time. As long as my move is + EV, i'm the winning player on the long run

      :club: To win in poker you don't have to be tiltless, you just have to tilt less

      This is actually included in the goal above, but man I just love this quote.
      I will have to try not to tilt that much when I make a stupid move, or when I lose an all in even if I was 70-30 favorite preflop because it ruins my performance at the other tables.

      :club: Find a way to mix better poker and life - short and long term

      I don't think that I mentioned before, but i'm married with the most beautiful girl in the world.
      I don't want to neglect her because of my poker hobby, so I need to just play less whenever she is around and dedicate my time to her.
      I know some people here say that a wife or a girlfriend is -EV, but I just love my wife very much, and I wouldn't want her to feel like she is on 2nd place or something like that.

      :club: Earn a profit - long term

      Maybe there are some guys that say that they just play for fun, but i'm sure in a corner of their mind they would still want to win big :)
      I'm dreaming of the day when I will hand in my resignation and turn Pro, but that's still far far away.

      OK... Let's leave dreaming for night time and focus on something productive :)

      I'm gone fishing

      Will keep you posted.

    • Saruniks
      Joined: 30.08.2010 Posts: 1,213
      welcome, and good luck with your goals :f_biggrin:
    • alcool22
      Joined: 11.02.2011 Posts: 1,904
      Good session this evening, only 6 SNGs played tough.
      4 90 men KO - 2 ITM a 5th and a 2nd place
      2 54 STurbo SNGs(couldn't help myself :( ) 0 ITM

      bankroll stands at about 310$.
    • alcool22
      Joined: 11.02.2011 Posts: 1,904
      Donated 4 BI yesterday because of the cable company.
      I just opened 4 tournaments when the internet connection went down. I guess it's a good thing I don't play 16 tables at a time :)
      Will certainly have to buy some mobile internet subscription in the near future to have it as backup.
      Bankroll stands at 300$.
      See you next week,

    • mattisks
      Joined: 14.06.2009 Posts: 506
      nice goals :) I didn't have my goal to become winning player but I became whinning player and it works for me pretty good :) Somehow I don't allow myself to be sore loser too but.. This whinning approach says otherwise :D