• Zuti5005
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      I had a 2nd free 50$ on Full Tilt but they deleted my account because the second account on that site but i dont have a second account.
      Is that mean that my 50$ is deleted too.?
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    • belayd
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      There are two reasons Full Tilt might think you have a second account when you don't:

      (1) Someone with the same legal name as you also has an account.

      (2) Someone in your residence also has a Full Tilt account--especially if you both play on the same computer.

      If you don't have a second account, send an email to explaining the situation. They will probably ask for copies for government ID with photo and signature and a document showing your registered address. Be aware that Full Tilt support sometimes takes a little bit of time to respond to emails. If they're too slow for your liking, create a support ticket here on PokerStrategy and ask to have the Full Tilt key account manager look into it.

      If everything is straightened out, you should get your free $50, but there is no guarantee that Full Tilt will accept your explanation. Either way, it has to do with the poker site and there is a limited amount that PS can do.