Questions about second starting capital

    • JohnDoe1313
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      I have just found a nice email saying I have received another capital. I am really thankfull for this opportunity and a second chance.

      I would like to ask something:
      1. It says the capital is for Party Poker. Problem is I created an account there some time ago, but it is not a real money one. I did not fullfill the personal information. So am I allow to create a new account tracked through PokerStrategy? Do you think it wouldn't be a problem with Party Poker?

      2. In case I can create a new account, how long is this offer active? I'm finishing school now, don't have much time for poker, so can I accept it later, let's say at the end of May?

      Thanks a lot for an answer. God bless PokerStrategy and have a nice day.
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