Existing Account Can't Get Strategy Points (mac)

    • PhoenixPhreak
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      So, I joined PokerStrategy.com about a month ago and was able to get the bankroll starter for Full Tilt. But I also had a PokerStars account already. I gave PokerStrategy.com my ScreenName, but I haven't received any points yet (I have given it a few days to try and clear first).

      I know I either need to start using the software downloaded via PokerStrategy's Link, or allow information sharing via the PokerStars client.
      When I tried to download the software from PokerStrategy I only get the .exe (as opposed to the .dmg I need for mac). Additionally in the mac client I can't find the option for information sharing anywhere.

      If anyone has dealt with this or has an additional suggestion, that would be great!
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    • Bigniux
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      As i understand, you didn't create your Pokerstars account using Pokerstrategy.com marketing code, if that's true, than you will not be able to receive any strategy points, because your account is not tracked by Pokerstrategy.com. Re-tracking your account is also not being offered by Pokerstars, but you can always try to write to their support and maybe you will be the one lucky person to have his account re-tracked :)
    • IngridN
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      Thank you Bigniux for the correct info. =)