sng downswing

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      Hallo everybody,
      First time time post here for me.
      I play at full tilt sngs max 16 with 90 people.(3.3$ and 6.5$)
      Always play with bankroll managment 2% of my bankroll recently i had an amazing downswing 80 buy ins.I just couldnt win and i dont mean coinflips.
      I dont care about coinflips i had a strategy on my mind which i thought i would minimaze the variance.
      Now i will take a break i am studying my hand history and i try to see my mistakes.
      I was axpected a downsing because i had 60% roi at 3.3$ and and 30% at 6.5%on sample 700 tours.
      I want your opinion on this, on a sng with 90 people you want 2 hours minimoum if go to ft on a sng with 9 you want 20-30 minutes for itm which do you think is more profit 16 sngs with 90 or 9 sngs with 9??How much roi you should expect on micro stackes?? And what is you opinion about downswing i think the variance is bigger on sngs with 9 people cause are turbo am i right??
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