Entraction focus steal

    • erptech
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      Hi, I recently moved to entraction and found out that their software keeps popping up tables and taking focus from all other apps you might have on.

      Now this is so annoying when you try to write down a note and find yourself typing into table bet box.
      SH tables have 25-30 seconds acting time, and they take focus 3 times during that period, first time when its time to act, and then again every 8 seconds.
      Now the worst part is that there is no queue and tables also take focus from each other, so if you have only 4 tables open, focus stealing happens roughly every 3-4 seconds.

      So unless you type and micro your HEM really fast, note taking is virtually impossible and can lead to monkeytilt.

      I did some research and found the script but it only solves some other stuff (hotkeys and checkboxes), not this.

      If anyone needs the script here it is
      just compile it with autohotkey, and if you like it consider a donation to the author
      - transfer to OSRichard on PokerStars
      - transfer to YorickFTP on FullTilt

      The best I can do is to make my active players window stay always on top.

      If anyone knows how to tweak this, please write your solutions/suggestions.
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    • socosoco
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      i dont know maybe that help
      i use to (little) fix this program: Entraction-Enhancer
      a long you play on entraction?
      i have huuge lags for few days
      i cant play
      please answer me maybe you solve this problem