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Leaks - NL5 - 6-max

    • bennisboy
      Joined: 11.04.2011 Posts: 711
      So I'm currently not playing too well, I've been looking in HEM to try to figure out what I've been doing wrong. I think I'm going through to showdowns too often with marginal hands.

      As you can see from the graph below, i am taking lots and lots of small pots before showdown, but my showdown losses more than outweigh what I'm getting from the small pots

      I think I may def be playing too loose atm, overall, I have been 34.1/22.5 and only 3-bet 2% of the time! in my last 1000 hands I've been 28.7/18.4, maybe still too loose, but my 3-bet percentage is barely any higher, although I am up for the last 1000 hands.

      What strength hands should I be willing to go to showdown with, because I'm clearly going too light currently.

      I think a lot of my leak may be from not 3 betting correctly, the graph below shows all my winnings where I could have 3-bet

      But here's what happens because I didn't 3-bet vs where I did

      No 3-bet


      What hands should I be 3-betting? I tend not to 3-bet tighter opponents when they have raised, unless I have AA or KK. And I will usually only expand that range to AK against looser opponents. What range should I realistically be 3-betting?
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