• bRiNgOnChAsEr
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      I just installed and configured Elephant but it seems very hardware hungry so maybe I need another computer to run it. I don't yet understand how to anaylise the data so any pointers are welcome.

      Thanks in advance and good luck all.
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    • dubadal
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      just to be on the safe side, check the configuration video here: Elephant Video Guide Library

      not sure about actual requirements of Elephant, but problems could more likely be with Postgresql database..

      anyhow, if you post your computer specs - hardware, windows etc smart peoples will probably be able to say, if you need a new one. You can use this template: Template for support reports
      just copy and fill it.

      Regarding stats - there is a pdf manual in Elephant installation folder, pdf me thinks (not sure), which contains explanations for various statistics. The most common ones used are:
      VP$IP - voluntarily put money into pot (how often player plays)
      PFR - pre-flop raise (how often player raises pre-flop)
      AF - overall aggression factor
      WTSD% - went to showdown % (how often player plays flop, turn and river)

      there are more, but you should pick the ones that help you and leave the rest out :)

      also, there's a silver article about stats:
      and I'm pretty sure that in some videos coaches explained the use of stats... couldnt find it though.

      good luck with setting up!
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      Thank you for posting the great info dubadal! =)

      @ ChAsEr, please don't forget about your other thread here which is about the same topics.

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    • bRiNgOnChAsEr
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      Many many thanks for all that info I will take all advice and study all avenues suggested

      Really good help thanks